Paid to Click Sites

I don’t know if many of you have accounts on paid to click sites here. Certainly paid to click sites isn’t the fastest way to make money online but at least its legal and the earning potential is limitless. You just have to refer as many people to the programs as you can.

The paid to click or PTC industry has gotten a lot of bad publicity as of late. It has been a breeding ground of scams where owners of sites just disappear taking with them the money that members have worked hard on earning. If you are one of these people, this list is for you.
I list here ten (10) sites that I aren’t scams and has the highest payouts. These sites has been online for quite some time now and have been known to pay out their members. has been the most successful PTC site to date. They have more than a million members. 303rd most visited site in the world according to alexa and that in itself says it all. If I were to put my money on one PTC site, its going to be here.
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Also, join the sites mentioned below (1.These PTC sites are blessed with low and genuine payouts. 2.The referral system in these sites is quite rewarding. 3.They all welcome international affiliates)-


One of the largest and longest running PTC site today is Clixsense. They have one of the largest member base. They are also one of the more active sites in terms of marketing with their active CPC campaign and not relying solely on their affiliate program to bring-in new members.
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Started out as one as a very controversial sites because it copied the look of I don’t know if this was part of their marketing strategy or what but since then and after changing their look the site - - has seen constant growth.
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Matrixmails has been rated as one of the top 5 Verified PAID sites in 2008.
Work at home and get paid for everything you do on the Internet! Earn money for reading paid emails, trying out paid sign-up offers, visiting sites at our paid to click section, writing articles, playing games or just by searching the net. Moreover, refer your friends and other people to our site with the provided referral link which can be found at your member area. You will be paid a percentage of what your referrals earn from the paid emails they read, up to 6 Levels. (1st level 20%, 2nd level 10%, 3rd level 8%, 4th level 6%, 5th level 4%, 6th level 2%)
JOIN MatrixMails NOW !! is my favorite PTC site. PTC earning - They pay $ 0.10 Per Standard Click. Referral earning - 1) Refer every 10 user under your downline & earn $2 bonus. 2) 50% Referral earning instant when your any referred user visit any advertise.
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Advercash is one of the longest running PTC site. They have a stable number of members and is operated by the TitanCash Network. They have been on this business for the longest time and they have built a steady reputation amongst PTC people.
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P.S - I suggest you to join all the mentioned PTC sites. Daily spend 20 mins on them (basically, log in & surf the Ad links).
P.P.S - Promote as much as possible. Ask your friends to join too. The more you refer (friends or otherwise), the more you earn.