How Does Works?

The System:-

ClixSense is a medium for advertisers and consumers to connect. Advertisers pay a fee to ClixSense to have their advertisements featured, and consumers earn money by viewing the ads; advertisers gain exposure, consumers earn money and ClixSense generates revenue. Consumers earn money for every 30 seconds of ads viewed. ClixSense monitors each consumer account to ensure that each ad is being view by a human and not an automated "bot." Using software to click ads on your behalf results in account suspension. Join!!

Once registered, ClixSense allows you to browse through ads and start making money. On the "Browse Ads" page, ClixSense organizes a list of available ads along with how much you will earn by viewing each ad. When you choose an ad to view, ClixSense opens a separate window for viewing the ad along with a timer to ensure that you view the ad for at least 30 seconds. Join Now!

Unlike many of ClixSense's contemporaries, the site does not offer Paypal as an option to send payments out; payments are mailed to your address. A minimum of $10 must be accumulated before your check will be disbursed. If you don't accumulate the $10 minimum for a given month, the money rolls over to the next month. Payments are sent out on the tenth of every month for work done in the previous month.

Premium Accounts:-
Consumers who use a credit or debit card online may be eligible for a premium account. Because advertisers target users who use debit or credit cards, premium account holders are offered more ads than standard account users, since advertisers are interested in consumers with more purchasing power. is a genuine site. It pays. To join Clixsense, click the link.