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Making money with Buxto is simple. Once you register with Buxto, you simply go to the ‘Surf Ads’ page and begin clicking each advertisements. Each advertisements last for 30seconds. You can only view the same ads once in 24 hrs.
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I’ve got to admit that Buxto will not make you rich but it can help you supplement your income. You can earn a few hundreds a month and help out with the bill and gas. And if you are better you are able to earn thousands. There are people who made this amount of money. If you don’t believe me, check out Buxto’s forum. And the best part is you don’t even have to fork out a cent to earn money. Of course if you invest a little more to get more referrals, the higher the chance you get to earn more. There are lots of free ways to get referral though.

Earnings example (based on current averages)
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

Buxto however do not guarantee that you earn this amount of money. It makes sense because even if you have lots of referrals, only active referrals count.

Take note: Buxto is not a “get rich quick” scheme or a pyramid scheme.

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One fact we have to accept regarding Buxto is that you are not going to earn much if you just stick to clicking the ads yourself without getting any referrals. Since Buxto does not have any limitation on how many referrals we can have, we should use this as our advantage. Get as many active referrals as you can. Active referrals are referrals that will keep on clicking ads everday.

There are so many paid to click programs out there, some that are legitimate and some that do not pay which fall under the scam category. Let compare a few things between PTC sites that are legitimate. Payment per click, minimum credits you need to have before you can request for payment, method of payments, referrals and how long it has been running. Let’s compare Buxto and the other PTC sites.

I will not list all of the PTC sites of course, just the more popular ones will be mentioned here. Comparison between Buxto and the best of each category.

Let’s start of with payment per click. Buxto pays $0.01 a click for standard members and $0.0125 for premium members. Most of the other PTC sites pays an average of $0.01 a click but the highest paid site I’ve came across was Hits4Pay. They pay $0.02 a click.

Next will be the minimum credits you need to have before you are able to request for payment. Buxto have a minimum of $50 for standard members and $10 for premium members if you request to be paid via Alertpay, $20 if you request via YourBuxCard.

Method of payments. Buxto no longer supports Paypal. AlertPay and YourBuxCard ($49 to apply for the card) are the only methods of payments.

Referrals. Buxto members only earn from their direct referrals what their direct referrals earn per click. For example if the member has 10 direct referrals and each referral clicks on 10 ads, the Buxto member earns $1.00($0.01 multiply by 100 ads) from his referrals. Buxto members are allowed unlimited number of referrals and it is the easiest PTC site to get referrals. Unlike many other PTC sites, Buxto allows members to purchase un-referred referrals. Other PTC sites do not have this advantage but they pay you 25%-75% of the total revenue your referrals earn depending on the level of referrals.

Buxto has been running since 2007 and it is one of the longest running PTC sites. Other PTC site cannot be compared to Buxto with regards to this. Having said that, Buxto is also one of the slowest to issue payments after being requested due to the complex verification process. Most of the other PTC site issue payments 24 hrs after being requested.

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