Alternative to Adsense !!

If your adsense account gets frozen and/or if you are dis-allowed to participate in adsense program, don't give up because there are a few reputed alternate marketing sites which allows to display their ads through your site or blog.
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The list of programs is as follows:
The best ad marketing program after google is adbrite. It allows to display customised ads . With some experiences (it doesn't give ecpm as higher as google) one can earn good amount of money on pay per click system.
Chitika is also one of the leading ad marketing agency in USA and canada. Ads are visible through chitika only when traffic reaches to your site through search engines only from USA and canada. It provides good ecpm depending on the users coming from the typical part of USA and canada.
Bidvertiser is also considered as one of the best marketing agency around the globe but what my experience says that it provide good ecpm only when site has a huge traffic. NOTE: PERSONALLY, I EARN WELL WITH BIDVERTISER.
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Nuffnang is the emerging ad marketing Co. It is the first asian blog advertising company provides advertising option for asian bloggers. It allows to earn money through both affiates and ads on blogs. It works for sites having low traffic too.
Text link ads is considered as the good ad serving agency with inline ads (means ads will appear over particular word of content when cursor is kept over it). It provides satisfactory e-cpm. Initialy earnings are expected to be quite low but as the traffic goes on increasing the revenue per click increases . One just needs to signup and paste the html/javascript code somewhere in page.
Content link is the in text advertising provided by . Content link ads is becoming the most famous in text advertising. It provides a high pay per click rating comparable to other services but the traffic reaches should be legit inorder to get more revenue per click.
Simply sign up with and place the javascript code on webpage to get textlink ads. generaly good payment depends on the traffic coming from which continent. If it is from countries like USA, Canada, UK and jermany the e-cpm will be high.