How to Generate more Traffic to Your Blog?

For people who are into internet marketing, it's no secret that article writing is one of the most effective ways to generate more traffic to one's website. However, the one corollary is that your articles must be of high quality. Compared to writing regular articles, you need to have a different approach for internet marketing starting with the titles that you choose for your articles.
Every online marketer will ask this question at some point: How do you increase your website traffic? This really doesn't have to be all that hard. My goal for you is to get longer term traffic by using powerful SEO methods. You will improve your search engine rankings, and get organic traffic that will continue to flow, rather than you having to rely on paid traffic. Free in this case does not stand or worse.

Aside from being able to come up with catchy titles, the key to having an effective title for your web articles is how you are able to cleverly make use of your keywords to your title. Again, you need to have a clever approach when using your keywords, don't just stuff it in there, the title should not only be effective, it should also give a glimpse to what your article is all about, and with your keywords cleverly mixed in. Also, do not make long titles, these are boring and makes your articles look too complicated. Just make sure that you are able to give your readers a good glimpse of what's in store.

Here are 3 proven ways to generate more traffic to your site:

Using Blog Comments - One of the best ways to get free advertising and promotion for your site is to leave comments on blogs that are associated with your business. You should include a signature link that directs readers back to your sit. Therefore, if you have something relevant and valuable in your blog comment, you'll find that people will click on your link to see what your site is all about. This makes your site have more traffic.

Design of your site - A critical factor in getting people to stay on your site is to have an attractive design. It should have the right colors and images to make it stand out from the competition. You can use royalty free images for your site and then you can submit your site to CSS galleries. Many visitors to CSS galleries look for interesting sites. You will also encourage your site visitors to explore you site further and possibly make a purchase if your site is designed well.

Article marketing - Another way to increase traffic to your website is to do article marketing. This is where you write short, informative articles which are in a way related to your products and services and publish them in online article directories. This will provide backlinks to your site through the resource box. As more people click on the link, you'll get more traffic.
Before you decide to outsource your article-writing job, I really hope you try to write at least 10 articles on your own since growing your website with new articles is part and parcel for the survival of your website. You can always search the Internet for ideas and inspiration. If not whatever income you derived from your traffic will go to the pocket of your Ghost Writer!