Make Money Online Using

In this post I am going to show you how you can use to help you make money online. As most of you all know, I make money online primarily using the Google AdSense program. While I experiment with other programs off and on, the Google AdSense program is and will continue to be my leading source of income for a super long time. I earn money using the Google AdSense program because I have create hundreds of sites where I have monetized the content using their program.  Day in and day out, each site contributes a small piece to my total income pie.

The problem that many people face when attempting to duplicate the system I follow is time. It isn’t common that many people are fortunate enough like me to be able to stay at home and do this type of work full time. Most people, possibly such as yourself, have to devote many hours each week to a day job. This creates a huge challenge because much time is needed to build.
The site building process isn’t really all that difficult. In my opinion, while keeping things simple, there are three steps towards building a profitable site. These three steps are:

  1. Keyword / Topic Research
  2. Content Creation
  3. Site Design / Search Engine Optimization
For me, and possibly even for you, Step One and Step Three come pretty easy. For me, the keyword / topic research is very fun. It’s like picking apples off a tree. I find it rewarding when I pick excellent quality apples because doing so yields amazing rewards. Site Design / Search Engine Optimization is also easy because I have a stash of designs that I created and use. When I launch a site, I simply change a few colors, font family styles, and make a few adjustments to my layouts and I am done. Granted, it does help a lot in my line of business knowing HTML, CSS, and PHP.

With that said, the time killer is content creation. Writing high quality and unique content takes a lot of time. When I first started creating niche sites I would write the content myself. As my sites continued to generate money, I started to invest a portion of the earnings into hiring free lance writers. Doing so allowed me more time to devote to the things I enjoyed doing: keyword research and template design.
It is totally optional for me to hire free lance writers, but I choose to because I can honestly afford to and to be Frank, I am somewhat lazy and I find writing content to be a chore! However, if you are in a position where you simply don’t have TIME to write content, might be the perfect solution for you.
I couldn’t help but notice a few days ago that has a classified section called Writing / Editing / Translation. I decided to investigate this section and to my surprise I found it full of ads for free lance writers. While most of these ads were mainly for resume writing, college papers, and basic word processing, these free lance writers are all very capable of writing blog and website content.
After spending about an hour replying to close to ten ads in, I had three people contact me back with interest in writing content for me. One person agreed to charge me $5 dollars for 500 words. Another person agreed to charge me $3 dollars for 250 words. The last person agreed to write as many words as I wanted at a rate of two words per penny!

The great thing about the new discovery is the fact that writers are writers. They don’t have to be bloggers or site masters to do their job. That, quite honestly, is your job. All you need is someone to write excellent content for you at an affordable rate. In my case, I hired all three writers and have instructed them to write about keywords I have researched and submit the content to me via email. From there, I will copy the content and paste it into NOTEPAD and convert their content into standard HTML. If you read THIS POST, you will learn about some very good SEO tips on how to convert content into powerful and search engine friendly HTML code.

If you are too busy, bored, or even lazy to write your own content and would like to tap into an excellent resource abundant in free lance writers, I would strongly recommend checking out the Writing / Editing / Translation category in You will be surprised to see how affordable it is to get very high quality content.