Product Launch - Does it Always Work?

As expected the industry that is all about Internet marketing make use of the best Internet marketing techniques to market Internet marketing products, and conducting a big product launch has become a standard. 
Not every product launch is the same, although they all rely on the same tried-and-tested elements. The psychology behind marketing doesn’t change after all, and that’s exactly what a product launch is about – pushing all the right buttons and triggering the appropriate responses from consumers.

Are We Becoming Overexposed To The Product Launch Process?

I have difficulty answering this question. As a person working in Internet marketing I am exposed to a lot of product launches and I can honestly say that most launches appeal to me on some level. I don’t have time to fully absorb everything going into every launch, but at the basic level Internet marketing products appeal because I like Internet marketing. The potential, the opportunity and the education is tempting – and being a person who likes to take action I know that if I really care about it I will put in the work to get results from any product I buy. However that doesn’t mean I actually make a purchase during the launch.

I don’t buy products based on a product launch, I buy them based on how they can impact my business activities or life. I need to be able to action what I learn/buy and have the time available to get to the point where I can take that action. Provided those ingredients are there I will buy Internet marketing products, however most of the time I don’t buy during the launch process, I buy when I need it.

The hype of a product launch certainly gets me excited and I’ve come so close to signing up to all kinds of things over the years during the big push at launch, but each time I pull away before hitting that “buy” button.

The usual marketing triggers work on me – testimonials, credibility enforcing recommendations from people I respect, samples, detailed description of the product benefits – are the key elements that influence my decision making process. The problem with a product launch is that during this process other elements such as perceived (or real) scarcity, hype and over the top copy is used to elicit a “frenzied” buyer reaction to ensure maximum sales based more on emotion than common sense. I don’t like these elements because I don’t trust them. Yes sure, a good product launch should be genuine and back up the hype and claims, but I’ve yet to see one that does. It just makes me tired and distracts me from finding the real information about the product that I want to know. 

I can say, and I know a lot of you concur with me, is that I am tired of Internet marketing product launches. I think there are too many, I think they are losing their appeal because there are so many and as a result each launch has to be bigger than the previous in order to have impact, creating even more clutter in the market – there is just so much free information out there that comes along with each product launch you could spend a lifetime just absorbing the free stuff. However I believe this only applies to product launches in the Internet marketing arena. I think conducting a product launch in almost every other industry is a huge opportunity because it’s rarely, if ever, done well.

Product Launching A Non-Internet Marketing Product

The product launch process is over-done in the Internet marketing industry for obvious reasons, but in other industries I don’t see nearly as many launches and as a result I suspect the consumers in other industries would react positively to them. Even launches not executed that well would bring in reasonable results since the saturation point is far off – these are “virgin markets” for the product launch process. I don’t diligently follow every industry, that would be impossible, so I could be wrong, perhaps there are many product launches going on online in other industries on a regular basis, but besides the dating product marketplace I’ve never personally seen one outside of Internet marketing.

A consumer is a consumer and marketing psychology works in all industries because everyone sells to the same thing – human beings. There is a golden opportunity for a good Internet marketer (or several) who have experience with product launch to either consult or run their own product launches on products outside of Internet marketing. I’m sure there are experienced Internet marketers doing just that now and get paid very well for their expertize.

Will Product Launches Always Work?

Always is a strong word and I doubt anything will always work without constant change and reinvention, however based on current results the product launch formula works, even in the saturated Internet marketing world, and will no doubt continue to. Whether that’s because we are all suckers for emotional marketing triggers, or people like me, who are over-exposed to product launches, are in the minority, is another question. 

I don’t know exactly why, but I do know as long as the launch process continues to work there won’t be a good reason not to do a product launch, even if a small group of people grumble about how many product launches there are, and how they won’t be “suckered” by the hype. Ultimately these people are probably just not the right target prospect for the product in the first place – that’s always been the easiest way to dismiss people who grumble about anything in Internet marketing. As long as those grumblers don’t become the majority, everything will be fine.