The Reasons Your Traffic is Struggling

Somewhere along the way, most of us get to the point where our site just isn’t having the success that we want it to have.  
I’ve been there myself, and I talk to others all the time who are right in the middle of it.
There are three big things that could be holding you back.

(a) Your Content is Forgettable
(b) You are Ugly on the outside
(c) You are the great Unknown

 Your Content is Forgettable

Is your site unique and/or better than other sites in the same niche?  If not, you’ll always be swimming upstream — trying to get people to visit your site when there’s really no reason for them to.  It’s a loser’s game (unless you’re just a really strong swimmer with a stubborn streak).

Get a few people who are familiar with your niche to give you an honest opinion.  If your content just isn’t as good as it needs to be, either fix that or do something else that you can be great at.

You’re Ugly on the Outside

Ok, your content is great.  Now what?  Your site has to look good too.  The Craigslists of the world aside, you’re crippling yourself unnecessarily if your site isn’t easy on the eyes and easy to use.  Most people won’t hang around to see your inner beauty — your outer appearance has to match or they’ll just click away.  

You’re the Great Unknown

If you’re creating great content — and looking good doing it — then your problem is that no one knows about you.  It’s time to start working hard on generating traffic to your website. If you’ve truly taken care of the first two things, it shouldn’t take long to get that snowball rolling.
Be careful, though: Lots of people think they have a great site that looks good, but they’re fooling themselves. 

Spend some time getting some honest opinions from your target audience to verify that you’re on the right track — or to discover what you need to do to get there.