What Is Pay Per Click (PPC) Management?

Pay per click advertising is a part of paid search marketing where advertisers are required to bid for preferred keywords on search engines. A pay per click advertiser pays the cost of placing the advertisement to search engine. Google with AdWords, MSN with AdCenter and Yahoo with Overture (now Yahoo search marketing) are few search engines which deliver returns on paid advertising. 

The cost is decided as per the number of clicks received by the search engines on that advertisement. The bid consists of various advertisers and the one with highest bid for a particular keyword gets the ad for PPC Campaign. Par per click ads appear on top or on side of the search engine results, so that they are viewed first and foremost.

When website is placed on the search engine, then it must be optimized for its keywords to display it in search engine results. To increase popularity of a website in search engines, it is essential to advertise it in search engine results for relevant keywords. PPC campaign results in lot of targeted traffic and potential customers. PPC campaign is considered as fast and adequate means of advertising. AS soon as the bid is complete, the ad is placed on the search engine results for that keyword, and the website starts receiving the targeted traffic. The results of PPC campaign are experienced within a short span of time. Therefore, the website gets fast returns at comparatively low cost.

The basis of success of a PPC campaign is in its designing. A well-designed ad attracts the attention of searchers and they are inclined to click on that ad to know more about it. A good SEO Company always manages the PPC campaign for better results. The main aim of the Company is to achieve targeted sales to maximize ROI. One of the most important parts of pay per click ad is that the website gets recognized by millions of searchers who might not have clicked on the ad but observed it definitely on their search engine results.

There is a major drawback attached with pay per click campaign. The advertiser may get hoax clicks from the advertiser to mislead the advertiser for greater popularity. This cant be guarded for as well.