Freelance Jobs

If u are a professional or good at any kind of work then this page will guide u to find some project works with which u could start earning for FREE.

There are many sites online which offer outsourcing. The outsource projects include

--> Web designing

--> Data Entry

--> Link Building

--> Advertising

--> Selling products

--> Article Writing

--> Script Writing / Modifications

--> Banner Designing

--> Template Designing..........................

The list goes on .......on and on.........

The projects are listed on the sites (I gave the list of sites below) which u can browse .......

Make a bid on the project and if your bid wins then u will be given the project work.

Once u have done with the project then u get paid.

Some sites charge even to join and make a start but some don't. I have given the list of sites below which do not charge u join and start bidding.

But once the job is assigned, u are charged with small fee which would be deducted from your payment. The charge would be very very low!!!!

Here is the list (U need not pay anything to start with)
The system is that you first take an entrance test to see if you are qualified. Once accepted, you can start requesting for orders, then the administration chooses who is most qualified among the ones that requested. click here for more information on this freelance writing site.
Another decent freelance site. Lots of projects to choose from. Good support. And you don't have to wait for your request to be accepted. Choose the job you want on a first come first serve. click here for more information on this freelance writing site!

General Freelance Sites