Get Paid to blog

Here are the Get-Paid-To-Blog sites that I have earned from so far. I only suggest sites that have earned me money and that are not a waste of my time.

Get Paid to Post Reviews On average, get paid $5-10 dollars for 150-200 word blog posts. Minimum requirements: at least 90 days old blog, at least 20 posts. Got my $50 July 2008 commission for a 200 word review about their site. Aside from their $50 review, you also get paid for referring to them visitors that avail of their FREE magazines, FREE articles, and FREE offers. Got my $20 for the welcome post. This is run by the same company as SocialSpark, but I get less projects from here. SocialSpark works better for newer, less established blogs since they have less requirements and have a lot more opportunities.

Get Paid to Display Ads on Your Blog Project wonderful pays you for displaying Ads on your site. No clicks necessary. That is, you get paid for simply displaying ads on your site! Whether or not your visitors click on them or not, unlike in Google Adsense where you only get paid if your visitors click on them. Furtheremore, this can be used together with Google Adsense to maximize your earnings.

Google Adsense Google Adsense offers contextual ads. That is, the ads displaying on your site are contextually related to the content of your site, or your page. This increases the chance that visitors will actually click on the ads, which in turn will earn you money.

Get Paid to Write Reviews about anything! (Not on your blog) While this may not be a blogging opportunity (in the sense that you don't post the reviews on your own blog), I decided to include this here anyway. Just got $12 from the first month. This offers a way for you to earn a steady, passive income, from reviews that you write.