5 tips to boost your adsense CTR

I've been an Adsense publisher for some time now, and I would like to share 5 Adsense techniques that helped me increase my monthly Adsense income.
Hopefully these tips will work for you, too.

1. Blend your Ad background with your content. Nothing turns off a visitor more than a page that's full of loud ads. Take a calmer approach to your advertising, and make your Adsense ads look like relevant, helpful content instead of instant money makers.

2. Stay away from the Default Adsense Template. As web surfers, we all have become oblivious to the default Google Adsense layout. Alter your palette, and bring an original look to your site's Adsense units.

3. Use Blue Links. Ever since the internet was born, visitors clicked on blue links. Everyone's used to it. So stick with the blue links, and test lighter/darker versions of them.

4. Use fewer Adsense Units. When I switched from 3 adsense units to 2, I experienced a quick boost in CTR. Many of your Adsense units go unnoticed, which hurts CTR and CPM. Experiment with few Adsense units, and see if it helps your CTR or not.

5. Test, Test, Test. This is the most important concept of all. Never get too complacent with your CTR. You can probably always do better. Always use channel tracking to follow your changes. Keep testing and tweaking, and so enough you will find the best Adsense recipe for your websites.

Try out these 5 Adsense tips, and develop your own action plan when adding Adsense to your web pages. Believe me: small changes can translate into huge gains in incomes. So stick at it, stay positive, and never give up.