How to Increase Targeted Traffic

After your created your website (or blog) and optimized your Adsense, the next and perhaps the most important thing is to attract targeted traffic. Targeted traffic means visitors who come to your site because of genuine interest in the content you provide, not merely by accident. Such kind of visitors will probably search further and are more likely to click on your ads.

So you need to make your site visible to the people who are looking for the content you provide. Some of the common ways people find your site are:

- By search by keywords on search engines such as Google and Yahoo: If you optimized your site properly, Search Engine Traffic can be fairly targeted and can produce good value for Adsense publishers. As they are searching for your content, these visitors can spend time on your site and explore further by clicking on related Ads.
- Links on similar sites: If you manage to have your site linked from other websites that provide similar content as that of yours, these links can directly produce a highly targeted traffic. More over such links can increase your Page Rank, and increase the sites popularity on search results. So this helps in two ways.

Things to do for increasing Traffic:
So you should be doing the following to have your site visible to the users.
- Keyword Optimization: Keyword optimization is an important task you have to do to make your content searchable for your keywords on search engines. For more information about keyword optimization see the article: Optimizing Keywords for Adsense.
- Building Links with similar sites: More people are likely to find you more easily on other sites and such links can increase your Page Rank, and increase the sites popularity on search results. So this helps in two ways.

Some techniques to get Targeted Traffic:
Not only that you have to get visitors to your site, you should also have to keep them there if you want some clicks.
- Provide good, relevant content that keeps your visitor interested. Maintaining high targeted traffic means not adding just anything to your web site, but focus on your particular niche of interest. Update frequently, give readers reasons to come back.
- Promoting your site by means of a Pay-Per-Click is probably the most effective way to increase targeted traffic. Visitors coming from PPC Ads are usually highly targeted. But this must be done very carfully and scientifically. You should not pay more per click to Google than a visitor is worth. See our article Using Adwords for Adsense.
- Focus on clean and appealing site design. You should organize your content and make is easy for users to find the content they need. This is a great way to increase the number of impressions.
- One other good way is to write articles for Article Sites such as ArticleCity, eZineArticles etc. This is a good way to get one-way links to your site.
- Spread the word about your site. Participate in related groups and forums. Show to the community that you are indeed an expert in the niche of your site. This gives credibility.

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