Attract Traffic To Your Website

Let's face it. You can have a great product, killer sales letter created by a copy-writing guru, but if no one goes to your website, how the hell you can generate any income from your website?

Getting traffic is an important step that you need to do before you can make any money from your website. If everything remains equal, more traffic means more income. So, here are 5 ways to generate traffic to your website:

1. Write and Submit Articles

Write articles and submit them to article directories and article announcement lists. You may also want to submit your articles directly to ezine publishers. This will not only bring direct traffic, but will also build your link popularity.

2. Participate in Relevant Forums

Participate in relevant forums and include a compelling signature file in every post you make. Don't do blatant promotion though. Instead, gain credibility by giving useful tips and helpful anwers to other participants.

3. Write and Submit Press Release

Write press release if there is any newsworthy event in your business and submit it to press release distribution services. There are many free press release distribution services in the Internet such as

If your release got picked up by the media, you may get a surge of traffic to your website. If not, then it's ok, you may still get link popularity and some traffic from the press release distribution sites or other websites that publish your release.

4. Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

Optimize your website or blog for the search engines and add content regularly to it. Don't complicate yourself though with the details of SEO. Just do the basic stuff, such as putting keywords in the title tag, in the body text, using anchor text when getting links, etc.

5. Write and Distribute Free Reports

Write and distribute free reports on topics that are relevant to your target audiences. If your reports contain great information, there is a chance that people will pass them around, thus creating viral traffic to your website.

Source: M.Z. hussein