Website Traffic - To Buy or Not To Buy

Conduct any traffic generation search on a major search engine and you are sure to run into sponsored campaigns like these that make direct, no-nonsense claims about overnight Internet traffic success:

10,000 Visitors $12.99
Real Guaranteed Website Traffic.
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10,000 Real Visits $7.95
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250,000 Real Visitors only $68.99

1,100,000 Real Visitors to your
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10,000 Visitors $10.00
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Are these claims for real? Can these traffic generation sites deliver what they promise? Are they biting off more than they can chew. At MGT, we closely examine this hot trend and assess the impact of the buy web site traffic paradigm.
Mechanics of Paid Web Traffic Generation

Traffic generation companies utilize a host of methods to push traffic to your web site when you choose to pay for it. Some are more effective than others and it is important therefore that you become familiar with these strategies. The most common method being used today is called the ?pop under? method. A pop-under is similar to a pop-up except that it is programmed to load underneath the page on display instead of being displayed on top of it. Pop-under content, through which the traffic is generated, is viewed by site visitors in the full screen mode and is programmed to adjust to the screen resolution set by the user. The single greatest disadvantage of this method is that it is ineffective when it is up against a pop-up blocker. Given the ubiquitous nature of pop-up blockers specially when they come pre-packaged with search engine tool bars, the quantity and quality of this traffic stream is at best suspect. However, when these pop-under's generate traffic, the traffic flow can be quite regular in nature.
Many traffic service providers from whom you can buy web site traffic employ the misplaced finger technique. In this approach, landing pages are set up specifically for thousands of misspelled search engine keywords and key phrases from where targeted web site traffic is redirected to your site. An automated system is invoked which continuously records a digital trail. These companies also register expired domain names and create dedicated landing pages which redirect traffic in real time.
 The Right Web Site Traffic Strategy

As is the case with every apple cart, there are good apples and bad apples. Choose a paid traffic service provider carefully and judiciously. Check credentials and ask for references. Those companies that offer a free trial are ideal. It is best to interact directly with service providers as opposed to their resellers and affiliates. A little bit of Sherlock Holmes style detective work can help you separate the wheat from the chaff and lead you to those sites that offer free trials and no-risk offers thus generating free traffic from paid sites. Signing up for trial offers will also give you the breathing time to learn how to leverage this approach for maximum long-term results.
 To Buy or not to Buy Website Traffic

Choosing between free web site traffic and paid web site traffic is strictly a matter of personal preference depending on your long-term goals and budgetary considerations. It just might be prudent to refrain from putting all your eggs in a single basket considering the ever-changing Internet landscape. Adopt a combination approach that emphasizes both paid and free traffic generation processes so that the targeted traffic to your site is never-ending and your digital cash register continues to ring year round.