How to Monetize your Blog with BIDVERTISER

If you’re looking for another option to pay per click advertising, Bidvertiser is a great solution. You earn money from your blog each time someone clicks on a Bidvertiser ad. Best of all, you don’t have to pay for advertising to use Bidvertiser and the payout rate is only 10 bucks.
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How to Monetize your blog with BIDVERTISER in 8 easy steps? Read on..

# Step 1
Set up a free blog on the Internet that is in a specific niche topic. It’s easier to maintain a money earning blog if you have just one topic and the Bidvertiser ads will match better.

# Step 2
Visit the Bidvertiser website and set up an account as a publisher. This only takes a few minutes.

# Step 3
Go to the publisher’s section of Bidvertiser console.

# Step 4
Click the Add New BidVertiser. Click Add Bidvertiser under new domain and type in the URL of your money making blog. Then click finish.

# Step 5
Click Templates Design and pick out a style you’d like your Bidvertiser ads to appear on your money making blog for visitors to view.

# Step 6
Click Bidvertiser Center and then get ad code. A new window will pop up with your ad code in it. Copy the ad code.

# Step 7
Go to your money making blog and paste the ad code into your blog template (Or/Alternatively) Go to your blog and click the "customize" button at the top of your blog. You will be taken to your blog customization page. Click on the "add a gadget" option. Click on the HTML/Javascript option and paste the bidvertiser code. Save the settings.

# Step 8
Lastly, you should now see the bidvertiser PPC ads on your blog. If not, refresh your browser and they should appear. You can add as many bidvertiser PPC ads that you want to your blog and get paid every time a blog visitor clicks on the bidvertiser ad. Check your bidvertiser account each week to watch your earnings grow from your blog.