An Introduction to NICHE Blogging

Simply put, niche blogs are blogs which exclusively focus on a specific subsection of a general and usually popular topic.
For example, gadgets and technology is a general topic field and a blog entirely about robotic pets can be called a niche blog.
Here’s another example: Japanese food is the general topic and a blog that focuses exclusively on bento box designs or Japanese set lunches is a niche blog.

Five Characteristics of a Successful Niche Blog

  1. Laser-focused Content. The niche blog has a very tight content focus and all of its blog posts must be strongly related to the niche while only occasionally including material in the general field from which it is drawn.
  2. Small Scope. The niche blog has a small content scope, which allows it to easily go in depth on the chosen topic and dominate it.
  3. Unique Material. While niche blogs can be created through feed-based aggregation of content via search engines or other blogs, they have more longterm value for visitors if they offer content that is unique and currently unpublished on other websites.
  4. Monetization-friendly Blog Template. Basically, you’ll need a fairly unique blog template that is easily customizable and flexible enough to accommodate heavy monetization.
  5. Has an audience. It is important to choose a niche that actually has an audience, no matter how small. Ideally, the niche should be one that will naturally receive search engine visitors over time.

How do I Make Money with a Niche Blog?

Let it be known from the onset that the monetization strength of a niche blog lies in its exclusive and ever deepening focus on one topic and nothing else.
Niche blogs are remarkably easy to monetize and they can be very profitable in terms of ad earnings. For example, a niche product blog will do well with product and action-orientated advertising networks like Auction Ads and Chitika.
This tight focus on a specific topic also opens up a lot of doors to relevant affiliate programs, which can provide recursive income.
These ad networks can and usually are accompanied by Google Adsense, a popular contextual advertising solution that complements the keyword/phrase heavy content that are found in all niche blogs.
Google Adsense is a remarkably fuss-free way to make money from any website and niche blogs are no exception. Some reasons why Adsense and Niche blogs fit together:
  • Relevancy. In most cases, Adsense provides targeted advertising that fits your content well, especially if your blog posts are keyword dense and doesn’t stray from the general blog topic.
  • Effectiveness. Depending on your ad placement and blending, Adsense is one of the best ways to make money from search traffic. Visitors arriving at your blog are looking for specific information and Adsense tends to fill that need quite well.
  • Passive Income. Adsense is more or less a set-and-forget system which allows you to concentrate on producing more content that attracts and retains visitors to your blog. It provides a basic monetization level that can be supplemented by other ad programs.
Source:- Dosh-Dosh